Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Old landscapes


nirmala said...

Wow luvley pic looks grt!!

vikrant said...

HI Rupesh,
lovely landscapes.
ekdam dhasoooooooo.........
after very long time getting to see my type of taste.
i will also publish my old work soon.

rupesh said...

thanks nirmala !!!!

hey vikrant
thanks a lot !!!
ani ho tuze june kam baghayala avadel !

inkognito said...

ommiigawwd this is brilliant stuff....so glad i came here!

Rohit Kulkarni said...

hi rupesh,
chan loosly paint kelas he landscape. hey watercolour hote ki acrylics? just curious.

dapOOn said...

hi rupesh! i really enjoyed going thru all ur work! these landscapes are EXTRAORDINARY! nice composition! but all in all, i LOVED all ur work in CGtantra! going by that, may i have ur permission to display some of ur work in a blog named animation monsters? it's a blog where we animators (both professional and learning) post our work and anything that's inspiring. hence i really believe ur work DESERVES a mention in our blog as a source of inspiration! i would also love it if u became a member of our blog! do let me know of ur opinion soon! thank u!

here's the blog's address:

workhard said...

Wow.. these are really awesome.. Are these watercolors or acrylics or have u used oils

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